HR Consultancy in Cochin

About Us

FnA Staffing was formed with the objective of providing Hiring & Training services exclusively to the Finance and Accounting sector. We streamline the daunting and time-consuming task of locating and screening the best candidates for various professional and managerial positions in the area of Finance and Accounting. We also provide the necessary training support to these candidates who wish to update their knowledge on different topics in Accounting and Taxation.

Our goal is simple: to serve as a helpful guide to employers during the recruitment process and to job seekers as they advance their careers. Our recruiters are experienced in the fields they serve and have unmatched access to opportunities at leading companies. We have developed the knowledge and skills to deliver the perfect fit between a job seeker and an employer. Our mission is to bring great people and great organizations together. This is the foundation that has made FnA Staffing who we are today.

Why FnA Staffing?

Finance and Accounting will be one among the leading areas creating the maximum number of job opportunities in the coming decade. Finance, being one among the core departments that is vital to all kind of organizations, will have jobs being created at a exponential rate with our economy trying to achieve double digit growth rates.

With Finance being such a vast domain covering different areas like Accounting, Taxation, Budgeting and Compliance, in order to identify and source the best talents it is imperative to have a thorough understanding of the challenges and demands of this job. It is virtually impossible to do an effective screening or short-listing of candidates without at least having a fair amount of knowledge in each of these areas. With a Management steered by experienced Chartered Accountants and finance professionals, FnA Staffing is by all means well placed to deliver on this front. Not only are we capable of sourcing the best talents, our domain expertise also helps us to provide the most exhaustive job oriented training on various aspects of Accounting, Taxation and Compliance.